Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Cysts Can Be DANGEROUS to Your Health and Fertility. Treat it NOW before It Is Too Late

Are you suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome? Or do you know someone who is? Whatever it is, you might be surprised to find out that there are millions of women from all over the world who are constantly facing similar problems, and have to deal with cysts in their ovaries .


According to statistics, almost every woman who is in the child bearing age, or in other words, who can conceive, can have these cysts. And a huge majority of them does indeed have these growths. Then there are many women in menopause who too suffer from this problem. It may thus seem that these cysts are very natural growths within the ovary. Yes, it can be said that they are natural growths because of the sheer number of women who have them, but the reality is, in many cases, the causes are quite unnatural.


Yes, ovarian cysts can affect a woman of any age and this includes those who are in their teens and those who are in menopause as well. So take care.


Ovarian Cysts Symptoms


In many cases, there are many women who make the mistake of not treating their cysts because they are wrongly advised. They are told that the cysts go away themselves and thus there is no need for any treatment. But the reality is, according to statistics, in a vast number of cases, the cysts do not go away themselves - they stay back and cause complications. They may keep growing and finally rupture. This causes acute pain, and the contents within these cysts then spill over the affect the surrounding organs. So why take a chance? Why unnecessarily complicate matters? As soon as the symptoms become visible, it is always advisable to seek treatment immediately.


But there are those women who show no symptoms at all. These are real problematic cases, because they are more open to the risk of a rupture. Because if you cannot even identify the symptoms, how can you take corrective measures? Thus, if you show the symptoms, you should consider yourself kind of lucky because this gives you the opportunity to get your condition treated. When there are no symptoms, the condition is usually detected from a medical exam that was carried out for some other reason.


Here are the most common symptoms of ovarian cysts.


  • Irregular menstrual cycle (the bleeding is too heavy or too light)
  • Acute pain in the abdomen and even in the breast or the thigh
  • Heavy bleeding even when there is no period
  • Infertility
  • Tenderness in the breasts
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Painful coitus
  • Pressure and/or pain in the lower abdomen
  • Pain in the bladder and/or the rectal region
  • Problems while passing urine
  • Abnormal and sudden weight gain


What Are Ovarian Cysts And What Are Their Causes?


Ovarian cysts are plain sac-like structures that contain fluid or semi-solid substances. Though the cysts can occur on their own anywhere in the body, but when seen in the ovaries of a female, they are referred to as ovarian cysts. These ovarian cysts occur essentially because of a failed ovulation when the egg is either not fertilized or dissolved in a cycle.


Follicles in the female ovary routinely releases an ovum or egg in course of a woman's monthly menstrual cycle, but when it fails to do so and continues to grow, an ovarian cyst is formed. Ovarian cysts are also formed when the egg is released, the hole where it is released closes up but the corpus luteum is not formed. Some people believe that Xenoestrogens contribute greatly to the formation of ovarian cysts.


Ovarian Cyst Treatment


There are actually many kinds of ovarian cysts and their causes too vary greatly. There are many contributing factors and triggers too. As mentioned earlier, the condition must be treated as soon as it is discovered. Now, there are many ways to treat this.


Firstly, you could opt for conventional remedies. Often medications are suggested - but they cause several side effects and many of them are more serious than the cyst itself. Though the cyst and its symptoms might go away, but soon enough they come back. This is because, the approach here is to treat the symptoms and not the root causes. This is a big mistake.


Secondly, there are surgical interventions. Ovarian cysts surgery surely removes the offending cyst, but then, there is no guarantee that it will never return. Actually it does return because again, the root causes remain.


So the trick is to identify the root causes and eradicate them. This is because you expect to get permanent relief only when these causes are removed. Only holistic remedies approach the issue from this angle. Treating the body as a whole, holistic remedies treat the root causes, and not the symptoms, and once the causes are gone, the symptoms go away too.  

Ovarian Cyst A to Z

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